A radio is on in the office at all times while we are in operation. When news of a possible natural disaster is announced, the following procedure will be followed:


  1. All Preschool children will be brought to the downstairs of the main building.
  2. The children and staff will remain in this part of the building as far away as possible from any window.
  3. Staff will have a flashlight and a battery operated radio with them.
  4. One staff member will remain in the office with the radio on to watch the phones and look for parents.
  5. Staff members in the office will keep other staff members informed of conditions and let them know when it is safe to bring the children back to their regular classes.

Infants and Toddlers

  1. Staff will place infants as close as possible to the inside center of the building as far away from the windows as possible. If necessary, the infants can be protected with their crib mattress. Staff will have flashlights and a battery operated radio.
  2. Toddlers and staff will proceed to interior bathroom. Staff will have flashlights.

After either all of the children have left or they have returned to their regular classes, a call will be made to the corporate office at (703)425-2701 to let them know of fallen trees and/or damages that may have occurred.

Natural Disaster Plan
Emergency Plan
Fire Emergency Procedures