Emergency Plan

The following policies will be in effect at all of our centers. The American Red Cross recommends these procedures.

  1. The centers will follow the same policies that have been established by area schools. We will have "Shelter in Place".
  2. Safe rooms have been designated at each of our centers. The centers that have more than one building at their locations will have rooms chosen in each building. Plastic sheeting and duct tape have already been cut and pre-positioned ready to be used in the event of an emergency.
  3. The rooms are stocked with food, water, radios, flashlights, and all have toilets. First Aid Kit and staff that are trained in CPR and First Aid will be on hand.
  4. Practice drills will be held with the teachers and children. These will be conducted in a manner that will not alarm or frighten the children much in the same way as a fire drill.
  5. Your child will not be left alone at the center should you be delayed in picking your child. NO CHILD WILL BE LEFT ALONE AT THE CENTER.

In the event of a localized emergency (for example an overturned truck with dangerous chemicals) and it becomes necessary for your child to be evacuated, the first evacuation point would be to one of our other centers. In this type of event, emergency forms would be taken by the Director and you would be immediately notified by phone or email where your child was located. If you could not reach your center, any of the unaffected centers or our corporate office would know where your child has been relocated to. The local area Red Cross would also be notified (202) 737-8300. Our centers and Corporate Office numbers are listed below.

A Child's Place Inc. Corporate Office 703-425-2701
A Child's Place School 3100 Prosperity Ave. Fairfax, VA 703-698-8050
Hollin Hall School 1500 Shenandoah Ave. Alexandria, VA 703-765-8811
Grasshopper Green and Kenwood Schools 4955 Sunset Lane Annandale, VA 703-256-4711
Country Woodland School 7152 Woodland Dr. Springfield, VA 703-256-9400


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Emergency Plan
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